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Ford P375-G170135

Ford£ºFord P375-G170135

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SUNPIN TOOL CO., LIMITED was established in 2012, is located in Changping town Dongguan city Guangdong province China. We are specialized in design and build checking fixture and jig for automotive parts.
Since the establishment, we have designed and built a variety of checking fixtures and jigs for customers all over the world, see "Product" column for some of the examples. 
We stick to our quality principle and manufacturing procedure, keep innovation, the team is full of professionalism and integrity. We have clear procedure throughout all stages from initial design, review, machining, assembly, inspection to delivery, to enable us to guarantee high quality products, see "Quality & innovation" for more info. 
The monthly capacity reaches to 70 sets of fixtures with length up to 2500mm. Bilingual project engineer to ensure smooth communication, weekly progress report & time line to keep you posted.